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After all the years of dreaming about going to Europe, it finally happened and I couldn’t have asked for better. My trip started with Shreya from Bangkok on our first time aboard The A380 Emirates flight to Dubai.

Inside of the Emirates A380

View from our seat in the Emirates 380 from Bangkok to Dubai and then to Amsterdam

Vegan options in Emirates A380

Vegan options in Emirates A380.

The flight was a memorable experience with all the luxuries that we had only read about. The interactive screen in front of every seat has countless pleasures to indulge in. They have movies, TV series, songs, games and even a screen that shows you the feed from one of the many cameras outside the plane. Emirates has many varieties to offer in the meals section. They have Vegan, vegetarian, Jain and halal to name a few. Beverages come every hour or so and they practically spoil you for choices. The meals should be booked online as any special meal is limited in number.

Richie and Shreya before the Dhow ride in Dubai Creek

Richie and Shreya before the Dhow ride in Dubai Creek

Typical boat for the ride in Dubai Creek. These are known as Dhow

Typical boat for the ride in Dubai Creek. These are known as Dhow

Dhow ride in Dubai creek

Dhow ride in Dubai Creek



We had a halt of 8 hours 40 minutes in Dubai and decided to take a 3 hour tour of Dubai. It turned out to be a great decision as we were able to see practically the whole of Dubai without having to stay a day there. We saw the Dubai museum, took a dhow ride to old Dubai, saw the Burj Khalifa, typical Emirates houses and the beautiful boulevard by the beach.

Dubai hotel scenes

Dubai Scenes

It was a educating experience seeing how a nation had been built in such a short period. I slept on our flight to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and got up just in time for our landing. The airports in Europe are very advanced and utilise the latest technology to make things easier for travellers. Very less manpower is used and dependency is there on techonology to solve problems. We stayed at Ibis near Schiphol airport as we reached near midnight. The hotel is very comfortable and offers free shuttle service to the airport, which is really a great plus point. The long flights had made us tired and we slept like babies.

Windmills At Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Our trip next took us to the Dutch countryside and we travel to Texel, Kinderdijk and Rotterdam. Texel and Kinderdijk are both UNESCO world Heritage sites. Texel is known for the lighthouse on the white sand beach which you might have seen on many desktop wallpapers and Kinderdijk is known for the old windmill complex. Both these are must do. From Amsterdam we flew to Seville and then did a road trip all the way to Barcelona, passing Granada, the Andalusian villages, San Sebastian, Madrid and Ibiza. We drove more than 2400 kms in 7 days and have memories to fill a lifetime. I will highlight each and every place in my future blogs so please wait for them

Picos De Europe. On our walk form Poncebos to Cain Village

Picos De Europe. On our walk form Poncebos to Cain Village

My trip to Europe made me realise what is the charm of the place. The romance is evident there. Sitting by the canals, trekking in Picos De Europa, taking a Hamam bath in Granada and partying in Ibiza are just some of the magical moments from our trip. Travelling with my partner also gave me the courage to try my hand at skydiving. I have a gripping fear of heights but jumping from the plane over the crescent shaped beach in Costa Brava, Barcelona never felt scary. It was just the whole vibe in Europe which made it super easy for me to take the leap.

Europe truly lived up to its name and we will surely meet Europe again soon. The multiple cultures in Europe reminded me of India in a lot of ways. European people have very strong family bonds just like us Indians and also pay lots of respect to their elders and to their hereditary. Certain countries in the region are going through a bad time right now and I pray for their safety. It’s a beautiful place which needs to be preserved.

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