That something called home?

Travel makes you realise the need for a place which you can call home. Home is such a grand idea now that no one place can live up to the expectations. I love the feeling of being away from my so called home right now that I don’t know if ever I will be able to call a place my home. I have often dreamed about having a place to stay high up on the mountains where all you can see are the peaks looking down at you. Where the sun creates a new sensation for you everyday. I love how the mountains make you ache if you have once tasted them. This I am writing sitting at Holy Cow Cafe in Kalga Village, Himachal Pradesh. Today my commitment to travel has completed its circle and I stand committed till ever. Travel is more inclusive for me when I travel solo like on this trip. Gives me time to think and assimilate my journey till now. I have been lucky to see what I have seen till now. I have been very fortunate to meet and associate with the people I have been able to.

But for now the romance of home is not there. I don’t long to have a place which I can call my own, I only long to travel to such a place. The journey has become more important to me than the destination. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people who settle. Its just that the whole idea doesn’t appeal to me. The world is too exciting for me to look at a single place for settling down. What does settling down mean also? does it mean having a place that you live constantly in? does it mean having someone constant to spend your life with? does it mean doing the same tasks and things everyday for long periods of time? well, tell me what you feel it is.. I am right now very content with what life is offering me. I am ticking off more on my bucket list than what I have been doing before. I have an awesome travel partner who shares my passion equally. We recently started a company which assimilates all our love for travel. We call it travel●love●repeatWe are a vibe-based travel company catering to all the facets of travelling. Do check it out at . You can also send us a mail at or call up +91-98308-53384 for any and all of your travel needs. I guess for now I am settled in my life as a part time traveler. I don’t long for a place I can call Home.

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  1. Wow, such a nice piece of writing. To your questions, I feel the word “settle” means compromising with what you have and live the rest of your life. The adults will tell you to stop looking for the spark. They will ask you to settle for stability and companionship. But to me, I do not think I can sit next to someone at the dinner table for the rest of my life talking about my day. I won’t mind talking about our day with my partner at dinner tables of different places, different nights, inside a tent, in a camper-van maybe, but certainly not in four corners of a house forever. Places and travel is all I connect to now, would love to know more from people from different areas of lives.

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