Leg Rowing Fisherman, Inle Lake


He stands on one leg like a flamingo, and wraps his other leg around the oar. By rotating his leg, the blade of the oar moves the boat along. After a short distance he becomes completely still, effortlessly balanced.

Fully immersed in seemingly unconscious meditations, he looks outward upon the vast expanse of water and lifts his conical net basket into the air, before plunging it into the water. This way they trap their fish and then spear them from the opening at the top.

The Intha are the people of Inle Lake, and today, around 100,000 Intha work and live in stilt houses on the lake, commonly known as the floating village. It’s a big lake, 11 miles long. You will see both men and women attending to their ‘floating gardens’ from their boat, which in reality are anchored to the water’s floor using long bamboo sticks.

The mountains and the lake make for an unforgettable experience. Seeing the fishermen toil hard in the sun makes one understand the various difficulties that people have to face to earn a day’s living.

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