7 Reasons for Travelling with a Partner

So I have covered the reasons to travel solo, now let’s get to the reasons to travel with a partner. Travelling with a partner has both pluses and minuses. Below are the 7 reasons for why you should travel with a partner:

1.Company in the best times – The first thing that comes to mind when you think about travelling with a partner is, the company it brings along. Many a times you need to share a moment with someone to totally soak in the experience. It’s like having someone to share the bath with you in the Sabi Sand Game reserve, South Africa or having someone to walk with on the U-Bein Bridge, Myanmar. These experiences are meant to be shared with someone.

2.Company in the worst times – Falling sick on a long travel really spoils the fun, but having someone at the time helps to reduce the sufferings and travel is also possible. Getting lost with someone is always a better deal. When out in a foreign land, that’s when trust really comes into place, it’s always good to have a trusted partner.

3.Usage of two skill sets for any job completion – When travelling with company it becomes easier to complete more number of tasks like getting the bus tickets, reserving a seat and finding an address, etc. Whenever at a crossroad, it’s always beneficial to have a second opinion on the path to take.

4.Budget – Since two people are going to be travelling together it’s cheaper. You will get deals in accommodation, souvenir buys, night clubs and cruises/transport. Activities that were earlier not viable suddenly become viable. Travelling with a partner is like enjoying the benefits of an individual tour but paying for a group tour.

5.Easy to access hot spots – Most of the hot night spots are reserved for couples. Over here I am mainly talking about night clubs and discos along with many events. It gets easier to enter all these places if you have your partner with you. Also it has been seen that locals and other travelers trust travelling couples more than single travelers. This helps get discounts and better deals across situations.

6.Getting to know the other person better – Travel makes one get out of their comfort zone. This gets you in touch with the real person in you and in your partner. It is a very good way of getting to know someone better before you jump into anything serious together. It is always better to know the habits of a person before committing any long term plans with them. Travel helps one understand the good, the bad and the ugly associated with their partner.

7.Eliminates boredom – Travelling with a partner helps take away the boredom associated with solo travel. Whether it be a train journey, a long wait at the airport for the connector or an overnight bus, it is always better to have company to provide you some fun times. If nothing else it is way more entertaining to take twofies rather than selfies.

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