7 Reasons for Travelling Solo

The best years to start travelling are the early years. Get in there as early as you can. You can do it solo or you can go at it with a partner. Below I have given some of the reasons (for some benefits) for travelling solo:

  1. Growth in confidence level Travelling solo gives you the confidence to hold your own in a room full of strangers. Self-confidence grows manifold when one travels solo. Having to fend for yourself in a foreign land makes you more confident in your skills. Approaching the other sex also becomes easier once you start travelling alone.
  2. Better understanding of beings Solo travel forces you to get better at judging and understanding people. Having to trust people for your survival makes one an expert at making good people decisions. Depending on the destination, a solo trip can be a powerful, introspective, life-changing experience.
  3. Better at handling money – since there is no one to take care of your money for you, you do it yourself. This makes you do stuff like making spreadsheets. Also it will give one better knowledge of the various financial products. Planning for solo travel makes you save money and get some savings going for the long term.
  4. Cheaper because you are single – Travelling solo is cheaper as it involves only one person. It means two trips for the cost of one. Staying in hostels and hitching rides becomes a reality when travelling solo. You don’t need to worry that much about your quality of accommodation if you are travelling single.
  5. Making your own route – Have you ever been hesitant to do that half-day at the spa you were longing for because you felt bad leaving your travel partner with nothing to do? When you travel alone there is no need to tag along with other people and make your plans according to them. The plans are made according to yourself. You can rest as much as you want to and run as much as you want to.
  6. You will have time to work on your hobbies – When travelling along you have all the time in the world to give time to your hobbies. You can try many hobbies and devote time selectively to a few if you want to. Imagine sitting on a peaceful beach at sunset or taking an invigorating morning hike without having to make conversation with anyone.
  7. Tolerance level increases – If you are travelling solo then be assured that you would know the meaning of understanding or adjusting. Reaching the destination late at night and having to sleep in the vehicle or surviving on a packet of biscuits for a day are something that come naturally with travelling. Since many times you are not able to choose the partner, you start accepting people as they are.

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